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Our Team

ITVantage understands that there is one sure-fire way to ensure satisfaction from our clients - ensuring our own employees are satisfied. Our highly valued and respected team members are the heart of our organization. See our growing team below:

Jeremy Stakely

President & CEO

Josh Stevens

Director of Operations & Consulting

Wendi Fowler

Director of Marketing & Communications

David Alpert

Sales Director

Troy Blackwell

Senior Solutions Consultant

Josh Katine

Service Manager

Mike Rudisill

Business Administrator

Josh Back

Senior Solutions Architect

Justin Taylor

Senior Solutions Engineer

Jim McDonald

Solutions Engineer

Matt Rhodes

Solutions Engineer

Maxwell Pensy

Solutions Engineer

Adam Baldwin

Solutions Engineer

Robert Nabors

Solutions Engineer

Daniel Cepeda

Solutions Technician

Maurice Hansen

Solutions Technician

Kyle Johnson

Solutions Technician

David Keller

Solutions Technician

Kevin McKeever

Solutions Technician

Mario Blanco

Solutions Technician

Bill Howell

Solutions Technician

Jerry Schauer

Solutions Technician

Charisse Nabors

Client Experience Coordinator

Healthcare IT Services

At ITVantage, we know healthcare. With Engineers on staff that have completed rigorous HIPAA and HITECH training, you can rest assured that you are getting the absolute best healthcare IT consultation services.

Virtual CIO

Outsource your CIO. Our Engineers are here to help you with the toughest IT strategic decisions without breaking the bank. Rest assured that your IT investment is optimized to the fullest for your needs.

Managed Services

With our 24/7, US based service desk, your organization can realize its true potential without technology related slowdowns. All of our technicians hold industry leading certifications in a wide variety of technology fields - that means quick resolution of even the most complex IT problems.

Cloud Services

Our cloud offering is unmatched. With data-centers located in strategic geographic locations, you know your data will remain protected and safe. Competitive pricing and unmatched service is what we strive for.

Our Proven Process

Our team performs extensive network assessments of each of our client's networks before changes are made, ensuring nothing is missed.

Our engineers will meet and discuss the finding of the assessments and develop a comprehensive tailor-made plan for your organization, incorporating your needs and input every step of the way.

Once every piece of the puzzle is in place, our senior engineers will execute the project plan with unmatched efficiency and as little downtime as possible.

What Our Clients Say

  • Thank you guys for everything this week! I know it’s been hectic but you guys always pull through with us. Have a great day!!

    Florida Home Realty

  • You guys are the best. After all these years of screwing around with other IT services that made things worse half the time, you guys came along and renewed my faith!

    WD Music Products

  • Very happy with the service, when we call, everything is addressed on a timely basis… Thank you all for your help…

    Southwest Florida Eye Care

  • I have always found the assistance provided to be absolutely fantastic – very professional and friendly.

    Foster and Foster