Data Protection

Safeguarding your business data


With so much at stake, you need a trusted IT consulting firm with a proven track record. At ITVantage, we offer proven and time-tested business continuity services. Our business continuity solutions can help you increase uptime, manage costs and improve the overall efficiency of your business.

Traditional backup plans require much more time to recover from a disaster. Intelligent Business Continuity helps companies avoid data loss and recover quickly in the event of a disaster.

Data Protection.

Intelligent Business Continuity

  • 01

    We develop a disaster recovery plan based on your unique needs.

  • 02

    Backup is saved in multiple locations.

  • 03

    Automated screenshots are taken and reported to ensure each backup was a success.

  • 04

    Your fears are reduced in the event of a disaster knowing that ITVantage has taken care of the backups and is working to get your system running again.


What Our Clients Say

  • Thank you guys for everything this week! I know it’s been hectic but you guys always pull through with us. Have a great day!!

    Real Estate Client

  • You guys are the best. After all these years of screwing around with other IT services that made things worse half the time, you guys came along and renewed my faith!

    E Commerce Client

  • Very happy with the service, when we call, everything is addressed on a timely basis… Thank you all for your help…

    Eye Care Client

  • I have always found the assistance provided to be absolutely fantastic – very professional and friendly.

    Financial Services Client